a motorcycle is driven 50 km west then 30 km south and 25 km 30 degree west of south show the vector diagram find the total displacement of motorcycle

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  1. east components (x direction):
    -50 -25 sin 30
    = -50 -12.5
    = -62.5

    north components (y direction)
    -30 - 25 cos 30
    = -30 - 21.7
    = -51.7

    d = sqrt (62.5^2 + 51.7^2)

    tan angle west of south = 62.5/51.7

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  2. an ant walks 22 cm in a northerly directions turns and walks southeasterly (45 degree East Of South) a distance of 47 cm what is a resultant displacement?

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  3. Hey, do it the same way.

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  4. i didn't gets how to solve

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