1. Where can we buy fast food like hotdogs?
- We can buy fast food like hotdogs on almost every street corner in the USA.

2. What kind of food can we find on the street?
- We can find drinks, hotdogs and pretzels.

3. How much is fast food like hotdogs and pretzels?
- A hot dog is 1,000 won and a pretzel is 500 won.

(Are the answers all grammatical? Would you correct some errors?)

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asked by rfvv
  1. In questions 1 and 3, I'd do a bit of correcting:
    How much is fast food, such as hotdogs and pretzels?

    How would you correct question 1?

    In question 2, I wouldn't want to find any food on the street!! Here's how I'd revise this:
    What kind of food can we find [or get or buy] from street vendors?

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