A television camera is located along the 40 yard line at a football game. If the camera 20 yards back at the sideline through what angle should it be able to pan in order to cover the entire field of play including end zones which are 10 yards deep

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  1. Draw a diagram. The camera must pan to one side through an angle x, and to the other side, through an angle y, where

    tan(x) = 50/20
    tan(y) = 70/20

    Now just add up x and y.

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    posted by Steve
  2. What coprdinates will i use?

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  3. who said anything about coordinates? If you draw the diagram using the given values, you will have two right triangles. Their common leg will be the 20 yards from the sideline to the camera. The length of the field (plus the two end zones) will be 120 yards, divided 50:70.

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    posted by Steve

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