The equation for the reaction of sucrose(sugar)with oxygen is C12H22O11+12O2--->12CO2+11H2O
how many g of co2 is produced per g of sucrose used?how many mol of oxygen gas is needed to react with 1.0g sucrose?(C12H22O11=342g/mol)

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  1. a. What is 12*44/molmasssugar
    b. mole )2= molessugar*12

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  2. Dear akhmal,
    mol of sucrose used=
    1/(12x12 + 22 + 11X16)
    = 2.92x10^-3
    as 1 mole of sucrose will produce 12 moles of Co2
    mol of CO2 produced= (2.92x10^-3)X 12
    = 0.035
    grams of CO2 produced = 0.035 X (12+32)
    = 1.54g

    as 1 mole of sucrose will react with 12 moles of o2
    mole of O2 needed= (2.92x10^-3)X 12
    = 0.035087719

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