I'm suppose to translate the English sentences into Spanish sentences. Have i done the grammar,meaning, and spelling right?

1.) El rey que usado canta está jugando el tambor.
The king that used to sing is playing the drum.

2.) Él y ella está bebiendo jugo.
He and she are drinking juice.

3.)La princesa solía cantar.
The princess used to sing.

4.)¿Quién dice la reina cantar cont?
Who does the queen sing with?

5.)¿Dónde cantan a la reina?
Where does the queen sing?

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asked by Jamie
  1. I'll send this to SraJMcGin, our Spanish expert.

  2. 1. used to sing OR was singing OR even sang is translated by the Imperfect Tense. = El rey que cantaba está tocando el tambor. There are two verbs for "to play." "To play a game" is "jugar" BUT "to play an instrument" is "tocar."

    2. Él y ella = plural verb so "está" is a singular verb. = Están bebiendo...

    3. again "used to sing" is ALSO the Imperfect, although what you wrote is OK. = La princesa cantaba.

    4. Actually the English is incorrect. The queen is the subject (Nominative Case) so it should be "whom" = Accusative or Object of the preposition here. = ¿Con quién canta la reina? = Notice the word order which is often different between the English and the Spanish.

    5. Now "la reina" is singular so the verb should not be "cantan" which is plural. ¿Dónde canta la reina? (the queen is the subject here, not the object.

    I'll flag this so I can come back later to see if you have questions.


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  3. Thank you for explaining each question and helping me :)

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    posted by Jamie

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