Angles,Lines and Triangles

Two angles of a triangle are equal and the third angle is greater than each one of them by 18 degree.Find the angles.

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asked by Harsh
  1. A1 = A2
    Eq: A1 + A2 + A3 = 180o
    A1 + A2 + (A1+18) = 180
    Replace A2 with A1:
    A1 + A1 + (A1+18) = 180
    3A1 + 18 = 180
    3A1 = 180-18 = 162
    A1 = A2 = 54o
    A3 = A1 + 18 = 54 + 18 = 72o.

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    posted by Henry
  2. I am so sorry but I have no clue I am just here for Points, Lines, Angles, and Triangles Review Quiz answeres

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    posted by That Guy

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