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Psychotherapy is a method used to treat mental and emotional disorders. People that suffer from these disorders talk to a mental health professional about their concerns and other related issues through a series of scheduled sessions. This method can also be referred to as counseling.

Biomedical approach deals with biological in-balance. Through this form of treatment, a pathologist performs a series of tests to assess appropriate method of treatment that will bring the body chemical back to their natural state. The role of the therapist is similar to that of a medical doctor which has for goal to stabilize mental health by use of appropriate dosage of medication.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy deals with the subconscious by raising the awareness of unconscious thoughts and behaviors. In essence, the purpose of psychodynamic is to teach an individual new insights and methods of conflict resolution by exploring their thoughts and past, as well as offering support that will enable them to live a happier life. This form of treatment is one of the most commonly used types of psychotherapy because it is conducted in an office setting, sitting face-to-face with a therapist, it is less intense and the treatments are shorter.

Contrary to the psychodynamic method, the humanistic-existential approach does not deal with what happened in the past, it focuses instead on an individual sense of purpose or meaning in life. In the humanistic-existential form of treatment, the therapist does not make interpretation or attempt to change the clients’ behavior. The therapist main objective is to show acceptance toward the clients and allows them to choose

Many types of psychotherapy are available. They are all valid in their own way: some focus on changing current behavior patterns and others focus on understanding past issues. Although, they use different method, they have a similar goal which is to help people cope with every day issues and achieve mental health. It is really up to the individual to determine what method best suiting them.

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  1. Here are your instructions:

    Biomedical and psychotherapy are two basic approaches to treating psychological disorders. A number of approaches fall under the category of psychotherapy, but they all include the following four essential characteristics:

    You included the biomedical approach, although your instructions say to talk only about psychotherapy. Since, according to this definition, biomedical therapy is not included as a discipline of psychotherapy, you should eliminate the second paragraph. You'll also need to add another form of psychotherapy.

    Paragraph 1:
    People WHO suffer . . .

    Paragraph 2:

    Paragraph 3:
    . . .the purpose of THE psychodynamic APPROACH is to teach THE PATIENTS new insights . . .

    I question the accuracy of this paragraph. It sounds like you're describing Freudian psychoanalysis which is very intense and time consuming.

    Paragraph 4:
    what happened in the past, BUT it focuses on . . .

    . . . CLIENT'S behavior . . .

    The THERAPIST'S main objective . . .

    . . . show acceptance and ALLOW them . . .

    Paragraph 5:

    valid in their own WAYS; (<< semicolon) . . . behavior patterns, (<< comma)

    ALTHOUGH (<< no comma) . . . different METHODS, they . . .

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Ms. Sue,
    Look at the instruction below. I am a bit confused from what you said.

    Briefly explain the biomedical approach , psychodynamic, humanistic existential, behavior, and cognitive approaches to psychotherapy listed in your text.

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  3. Your paper covers the first three approaches, but I don't see anything about the behavioral or cognitive approaches.

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    Ms. Sue
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     Resource: Appendix A
     Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum
     Write a 1,750- to 2,450-word paper in APA format that provides an economic profile of the industry you have researched. In your paper, discuss how the following impact the industry.
    o Shifts and price elasticity of supply and demand
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    o How the economy affects the success of your chosen industry
    o Economic influences that can affect the industry in a negative way
     Post your paper as a Microsoft© Word attachment.

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