maths(please help me fast)

Question 1
In order to buy a Christmas
present for his girlfriend,
James takes a loan of
R500,00 from an
organization advertising in a
local newspaper. The name
of the organization is called
“Sharks that Bite”. This
organization charges 15%
interest per month and so
James has to pay back
R130,00 every month. The
table above shows how
James will need to repay his
loan. Unfortunately, there are
some figures missing.
Question 1.1 *
The value for A is:
A R66,75
B R130,00
C R11,00
Question 1.2 *
The value for B is:
A R130,00
B R381,75
C R557,26
Question 1.3 *
The value for C is:
A R130,00
B R46,35
C R55,36
Question 1.4 *
The value for D is:
A R163,80
B R259,16
C R191,56
Question 1.5 *
The value for E is:
A R95,36
B R96,20
C R129,16
Question 1.6 *
The value for F is:
A R95,36
B R96,20
C R129,16
Question 1.7 *
The value for G is:
A R14,30
B R14,43
C R19,37
Question 1.8 *
The value for H is:
A R14,30
B R14,43
C R19,37
Question 1.9 *
The value for I is:
A R298,53
B R279,16
C R232,81
Question 1.10 *
The value for J is:
A R780,00
B R520,00
C R798,54

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asked by lesedi

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