Spanish Preterite/Imperfect Sentences

Hello, I have more sentences that I need proofread... Thanks in advance!

1 Nací en Singapur hace dieciséis años.
2 Yo vivía en un apartamento alto.
3 Cuando era niña, me gustaba visitar la biblioteca grande en mi camino a casa desde la escuela.
4 ¡La biblioteca tenía un patio de recreo en el interior!
5 Una vez, me caí de el patio de recreo y rompí mi pierna.
6 Fue doloroso, y me visité el hospital.
7 Siempre me compraba dulces desde la tienda en el camino a casa.
8 Cuando tenía seis años, me mudé a Las Vegas.
9 Me entristecí tener que dejar a mis amigos.
10 Mi familia se mudó a una casa pequeña.
11 Tenía miedo porque todo era nuevo.
12 Mi hermana tocaba su guitarra para consolarme mientras mi padre cocinaba mis comidas favoritas.
13 Recuerdo jugar solo en el patio de la escuela.
14 Una chica me preguntó que jugar con su y su amigos.
15 Nos convertimos amigos mejores.
16 Ahora, yo no tengo miedo y estoy muy feliz a vivir aquí.

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  1. I'll send this to Sra.

  2. 3. although both "desde" and "de" are prepositions, there is a difference in meaning. "desde" means since, from, after while "de" means of, from, about. In the expression "the view was great FROM the hotel - I would then use "desde el hotel"

    5. de + el = del (del patio) / "me rompí la pierna" implies "intentionally" while "se me rompió la pierna" implies accidently. Parts of te body ad article of clothing usually use the definite article i= la pierna

    6. Why is "visitarse" reflexive? Simply "visité el hospital" would be more usual

    7. again "de" instead of "desde"

    9. better with "me entristecí al tener..."

    13. Because you are a girl, "sola" is the adjective.

    14. If you are trying to say "A girl asked me to play with her and her friends" = Una chica me pidió jugar con ella y sus amigos. / preguntar is to question, interrogate while pedir is to ask (for) a favor, etc. If the friends were both male and female = amigos but if they were all female = sus amigas.

    15. Nos convertimos en amigos mejores. (convertirse en) Some infinitives require a preposition with them.

    16. estoy feliz = feliz takes ser! = soy feliz vivir aquí (no preposition required)

    Again, I'll flag this to see if y ou have further questions. You seem to have no difficulty choosing between the Preterit and Imperfect, if that was the major reason for these senteces.


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  3. I'm still confused on the difference between "de" and "desde". Does "de" refer to places you've left/are away from while "desde" refers places you are in?

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  4. This is a difficult one to explain. I can onl give you examples. If you are standing in one place and what to say "something is seen FROM that spot where you are standing = desde. "From the beach I can see the hotel." "the view is wonderful from the church."

    Also desde is used in expressions like "desde luego" = at once, of course / desde que = since / desde entonces = since then, ever since / desde hace = for, in expressions of time, such as: est oy aquí desde hace cinco días = I've been here for five da ys.

    Perhaps the best advice is to use a form of "de" unless you want to express one of the expressions above.

    I think you have the idea in the last thing you say!


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  5. I think I've got it now, thanks!

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