Walk Two Moons

Sal thinks that Phoebe's mother seems (1 point)

stiff and ornery.
happy and content.
worried and miserable.

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asked by dfca
  1. Have you read this book?

  2. nott all of it

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    posted by dfca
  3. I haven't read it. I suggest you read all of it in order to answer this question.

  4. Its a chapter book

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    posted by dfca
  5. So?

  6. Ms.Sue you don't have to be rude I've seen you various times being rude to other children please stop spreading the toxicity.

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  7. This book is the most boring book I have ever read. If it was not for my teacher (everyone hates) then i would not even pick up this book! i would recommend not reading this boring book!

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  8. BTW, Sal's mother died and so did gram. they go back to Bybanks.

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