Weird question

how long did it take to build the united states capitol??? I am trying to put a report and I think it would be good to add this.

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asked by dfca

  2. that dosent help i tried

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    posted by dfca
  3. You mean you didn't see this prominently displayed on that page?

    "Construction started: 1793
    Height: 288' (88 m) CTBUH
    Opened: November 17, 1800"

  4. Ya but it opened that in 1880 but it dosent mean that is when it was finished.

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    posted by dfca
  5. Nvm you don't know.

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    posted by dfca
  6. It must have been finished to open then.

  7. Yes, there were numerous additions and repairs after fires. This is a timeline of its complete construction.

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