Malcolm X, an important voice for some African Americans, was a leader of the what?
Black Muslims.
baby boom.
Great Society.

plz help

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asked by dfca
  1. I say A

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    posted by dfca
  2. Right.

  3. I recommend get a new teacher.
    He was leader of the Nation of Islam. For ignorant whites, and specifically racists, anyone who didn't fit into convential black christian organizations were grouped...

    The phrase Black Muslims refers to African American Black nationalist organizations that describe themselves as Muslim. Some of these groups are not considered to be Muslim within mainstream Islam. These include:

    Nation of Islam
    Moorish Science Temple of America
    United Nation of Islam
    Five-Percent Nation
    Nuwaubian Nation (prior to 1993 only)
    American Society of Muslims

  4. Here are the answers to quick check in connections.
    Yes these are the right answers. Trust me.

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    posted by Ashley
  5. Ashley is right 5/5 100%

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    posted by Phoenix
  6. she is right!!

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  7. TRUST Ashley! She is completely right!! I got 100% on my Social Studies quick check and I'm from Connections Academy! :)

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    posted by newbie
  8. Ashley is right

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    posted by Az
  9. Got a 100% using "Ashley"'s answers. :) Thanks!

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    posted by Ally
  10. thanks Ash!

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  11. Thx ashley!!

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  12. THANKS A!

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  13. Thanks Ash

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  14. people like ashley is why i live

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