Business law

Peter, a farmer, leaves 3 bushels of tomatoes with John, the owner of a grocery store. Peter says “Look these over. If you want them, they’re 30,000/- a bushel.” John never gets back with Peter. John runs out of his own tomatoes and begins selling Peter’s tomatoes to his (John’s) customers without Peter’s knowledge or consent.
Do Peter and John have a contract that can be enforced in a court of law? If so, what type of contract; explain how this contract exists by applying elements or definitions to the fact pattern and explain how you reached your conclusion. Your explanation should be detailed and demonstrate knowledge in the area.

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  1. This is your assignment, which no one here will do for you.

    But if you have an actual question about your assignment, please post it, and someone here may be able to help.

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  2. are there any welfare or subsidy payments that should be reviewed or added?

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