A pound of tin is worth $2 more than a pound of copper. Three pounds of tin are mixed with 7 pounds of copper to make bronze that sells for $3.85 per pound. How much is a pound of tin worth

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  1. 3 pounds of tin = 3(c+2) dollars
    7 pounds of copper = 7 c dollars

    10 pounds of bronze = 38.50 dollars

    7 c + 3 c + 6 = 38.5
    c = 3.25 dollars per pound for copper
    c+2 = 5.25 dollars per pound for tin

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    posted by Damon
  2. cost of pound of copper ---- x
    cost of pound of tin -------- x+2

    3(x + 2) + 7x = 10(3.85)
    3x + 6 + 7x = 38.5
    10x = 32.5
    x = 3.25

    copper sells for $3.25 per pound, and tin sells for $5.25 per pound

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    posted by Reiny

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