I've been at this question almost an hour, I just need help before I start pulling hair out of my head! LOL

Please Help? :D

Solve the inequality and describe the solution set.

y - 6 _>_ 12

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asked by Navy
  1. Also can you do it in steps so I can understand, so I won't ask on here a lot?

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    posted by Navy
  2. Does your symbol mean greater than or equal to?
    If so:

    y - 6 >/= 12
    add 6 to both sides
    y >/= 18

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    posted by Damon
  3. Thanks Damon, and it does..I'm really bad at making things look like they should haha. Thank You again ^_^

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    posted by Navy
  4. You are welcome :)

    By the way, the only tricky thing on this general subject is that if you multiply (or of course divide) both sides by a negative number, reverse the direction of the arrow.

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    posted by Damon

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