I can't figure out this question. I tried asking my classmates and teacher, but no help. Except one girl but I didn't understand.

Can you help me?

Question; A person who weighs 130 pounds can burn about 300 calories per hour skateboarding. Write a function that relates the calories burned, c, to the number of hours, h, spent skateboarding. Identify the independent and dependent variable. Create a function table for values of h equal to 1, 2, 3, and 4. Graph the function on a coordinate plane.

Just explain...I don't want the answer, just explain how to do it?



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asked by Cassie
  1. I am guessing you Go to Connections academy. if so, please respond.

    Here is how you do it.

    X|1 hr|2 hr|3 hr|4 hr|
    300 c|?c | ?c | ?c |

    function is easy
    multiply each hour by the number of possible calories to be burned.


    Hope this helped

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  2. Oh why, I feel like a total idiot now. LOL it really is simple. Thanks for explaining that. And I do go there.

    Thanks a lot!!


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    posted by Cassie
  3. Who is your math teacher? I have Mr.Ryan:)

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  4. I only have a homeroom teacher, Mrs. Manthey../.\

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    posted by Cassie

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