a standard checkerboard with 8 blocks to a side contains 204 squares of various sizes. in how many such squares are there an equal number of red blocks and black blocks?

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  1. im in a quick hurry please help

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  2. 1by1 --- 64 of them
    2by2 --- 49
    3by3 --- 36
    4by4 --- 25
    5by5 --- 16
    6by ----- 9
    7by7 ---- 4
    8by8 ---- 1
    total = 204

    There can only be an equal number of reds and blacks in the even-numbered squares, so

    64 + 36 + 16 + 4 + 1 = 121

    121 blocks have the same number of reds and blacks.

    ( e.g. a 3 by 3 square can have either
    a) 4 reds and 5 blacks, or
    b) 5 reds and 4 blacks. )

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    posted by Reiny

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