There is a shelf on the wall. He seems to use it as a bookshelf. On the shelf, there are two books. We can say he enjoys reading books. A basketball is on his uniform. We can see the top T-shirt and the bottom trunk. He seems to enjoy playing basketball. Write 'enjoy playing basketball' in the second blank. A guitar is leaning against the wall. He loves playing the guitar, I think. There is a camera on the bed. Some photos are besides it. So he enjoys taking pictures. Complete the three blanks looking at the photo on the left.
Would you check the passage above? Thank you.

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asked by rfvv
  1. Who is "He"?

    We can see his T-shirt and trunks. (Including top and bottom is repetitive.)

    Connect the two clauses at "So" -- these two should be all one sentence.

    Everything else is fine.

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