Earth Science

Hello! I try to do my homework to the best of my ability. I want to make sure that my answers are correct. My answers will be (*). Please help me if you can....
1. _______ was the first person to propose the idea of moving continents as a scientific hypothesis.
A. Antonio Snider-Pelligrini
B. Charles Richter
*C. Abraham Ortelius
D. Alfred Wegener

2. The process in which the floors of a building collapse on one another is known as
A. earthquake panic.
B. earthquake shakedown.
C. a landslide.
*D. pancaking.

3. What type of instrument measures seismic waves?
A. Mercalli scale
*B. Seismometer
C. Seismic scale
D. Seismogram

4. Which of the following is not a convergent boundary?
A. Continental-continental
B. Oceanic-continental
C. Oceanic-oceanic
*D. Continental-volcanic

5. Intrusive igneous rock bodies are called
A. tephra.
B. tectonics.
*C. plutons.
D. cinder cones.

6. The study of the Earth's magnetic field is known as
A. magnetism
B. isochronism
C. topography
*D. paleomagnetism

7. All the processes that form mountain ranges are known as
A. arch vibrations.
B. compressive forces.
*C. orogeny.
D. island arcing.

8. Mountains that form when large areas of Earth gradually move skyward as a unit are called _______
A. impoverished
B. low-lying
C. improvisation
*D. uplifted

9. Which statement best describes the Richter scale?
A. It's a numerical rating system that measures the largest seismic waves during an earthquake.
B. It's a test given to all geologists.
C. It's named after a scientist who studied tornadoes.
*D. It's a numerical system that measures the smallest seismic waves during an earthquake.

10. Which earthquake scale takes into consideration the damage caused by an earthquake?
*A. Richter scale
B. Amplitude scale
C. Modified Mercalli scale
D. Moment magnitude scale

11. The three types of stress that act on Earth's rocks are compression, tension, and
A. tephra.
B. tension.
*C. shear.
D. shale.

12. A flat area on a mountain is known as a
*A. plateau.
B. rising canyon.
C. valley straight.
D. grand valley.

13. _______ describes all the processes associated with the discharge of magma, hot fluids, ash, and gases.
A. Magnetism
B. Hydraulic energy
C. Thermal energy
*D. Volcanism

14. The bowl-shaped depression at the top of a volcano is a
A. fissure.
B. conduit.
C. vent.
*D. crater.

15. _______ magma causes powerful and explosive volcanic eruptions.
*A. Rhyolitic
B. Andesitic
C. Composite
D. Basaltic

16. The three major types of volcanoes are
*A. shield volcanoes, cinder cones, and composite volcanoes.
B. shield volcanoes, cinder cones, and calderas.
C. calderas, conduits, and vents.
D. shield volcanoes, conduits, and vents.

17. Lava and other materials that are launched from a volcano into the air are referred to as
A. basalts.
*B. tephra.
C. flows.
D. magma.

18. Any fracture or system of fractures along which Earth moves is known as a
A. fault.
B. strain.
C. stress.
*D. deformation.

19. Consider the following scenario: You live near the shoreline and hear a report that an earthquake hit the
ocean floor near your location. Your town may experience
A. rain.
**B. a tsunami.
C. hail.
D. snow.

20. A common characteristic of mountains formed by two colliding continents is marine _______ rock.
End of exam
*A. sedimentary
B. igneous
C. limestone
D. metamorphic

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  1. number 1 is d and 9 is a the others are correct.

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    posted by Sirell
  2. #5 is plutons

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    posted by Imani
  3. #7 is not A, I marked a on my test and got it wrong! Pennfoster

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  4. I thought #17 was magma :O

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    posted by Devon A
  5. 10 is d
    not a

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    posted by J-Dawg
  6. #18 is A

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  7. ioiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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  8. is #2 and #3 correct

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  9. is #2 and #3 correct

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  10. The correct answer for ten is:

    10. Which earthquake scale takes into consideration the damage caused by an earthquake?

    C. Modified Mercalli scale

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    posted by Hayes
  11. 18-A

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    posted by Tjeripo

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