Adam has a cylindrical container. He is going to pour water into the container from a cube that has a side length of 1.5 inches. The container has a diameter of 8 inches and is 2 feet tall. How many full cubes of water can Adam fit into the container?

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asked by Dea
  1. First, find the volume of the cylinder.
    (Make sure you have like units)

    V (cyl) = π(r^2)h
    V (cyl) = π(4 in)^2(24 in)
    V (cyl) = 384 π in^3 ≈ 1206.37 in^3

    Next, find the volume of the cube.

    V (cube) = s^3
    V (cube) = (1.5 in)^3
    V (cube) = 3.375 in^3

    After, divide the volume of the cylinder by the volume of the cube. Round to the nearest whole number, since the question asked "how many FULL cubes..."

    1206.37 / 3.375 ≈ 357 cubes

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