As part of their job, meteorologists use data to make weather predictions. How accurate are their predictions? What are other scenarios in which you would use data to make a prediction? How would you defend your prediction using data?

can you please tell me in your perspective?

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  1. This is oversimplified.
    Yes, you need data, but you also need a mathematical model and theory.

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  2. Meteorologists make weather predictions but their not always right they use data and theory to predict what the weather might be. Their predictions aren't very accurate depending on if the data changes and the weather changes all of a sudden. A scenario where I would use data to make a prediction could be in a game where you have a percent of winning and how many times you play the game the percent of winning gives you data on the probability of you winning the game and you could predict how many times you'll win a game by how many times you play it.

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  3. hi 0-0

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  4. Gabby did really well

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