ly and solve for x.

8/18 = x/225

I don't understand :(

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  1. try something simple, like

    3 = x/2

    You want x all alone, so get rid of that pesky fraction. Since 2/2 = 1, multiply both sides by 2 and you get

    3*2 = x/2 * 2
    6 = x

    Now, for your problem:

    8/18 = x/225
    You can clear the fraction on the left by multiplying by 18.

    8/18 * 18 = x/225 * 18
    8 = 18x/225
    Now you want x all alone, so multiply by 225 to get

    8*225 = 18x/225 * 225
    1800 = 18x
    Now divide by the a8 to get
    100 = x

    Of course, you don't have to clear both fractions, just the x/225:

    8/18 * 225 = x
    1800/18 = x
    100 = x

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    posted by Steve

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