I'm writing an article for my english exam prep, and my main topic that i went off of was the relationship between school, homework and stress on teenagers (the exam prep topic is relationships) in the article I talk about how homework is a large stress in most teenagers lives and the health effects of too much stress and how there is more stress on teenagers and how they have more stress than ever before.
I need to write a title for it and tell why it's appropriate for my text. I need some ideas and help on writing a title.

asked by Al
  1. Killer Stress
    Stress is a Killer
    Suicidal Stress

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. I wonder if homework is that much of a deal on stress. My experience is that the great stressors in teens is self identity, self worth, and self esteem, and image related things (beauty, grades, sports, macho related). My experience does not lend itself to worry much about homework.

    posted by bobpursley
  3. Watching my grandkids as they go through middle and high school (and now, university), homework is low on the stress totem-pole. Bobpursley is right, IMO ... all those individual/personal things are highest, with testing and homework farther down the list!!

    posted by Writeacher
  4. I didn't mean homework, I meant more that school work and the pressure to achieve is a large stress

    posted by Al
  5. Did you see this article?

    posted by Ms. Sue

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