Stamps come in large sheets with perforations in between. How many different ways can you buy 4 attached square stamps? ( Two ways to put them together are considered the same if one way can be turned or flipped so that its outline looks like the other way.)

You can attach them all in line or as a square. Then you can take a line of three and put the fourth one to the left of each one of the three in the line. If you do the same thing to the right, would that make the same outline? Your answer will determine how many different arrangements you can have.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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  1. For a dried flower arrangement, customers can choose from 2 types of containers, 3 sample designs, and 2 sizes. How many different arrangments does the shop offer?

    please post if possible in the by midnight tonight. Thank you

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    posted by Jerry

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