Language arts

5. Because of the expensive antiques they had accumulated, Tony and Cara
A. could barely move in their house.
B. had extra money to spend.
C. were design experts.
D. bought brand new furniture.


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asked by Mstv
  1. Without context, there's no way to tell if you're right or not.

  2. It doesn't come with a selection/articles but accumulated is supposed to be underlined

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    posted by Mstv
  3. well, i disagree.

    accumulate means to collect. or in this case, buy. so if they BOUGHT EXPENSIVE antiques, they WOULD NOT have money.

    i would go for D

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    posted by zumai
  4. Thank You Both

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    posted by Mstv
  5. I'll weigh in with A.

    It doesn't say whether they bought or inherited the antiques.

    I have a lot of antique furniture that I inherited.

  6. That was my second guess

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    posted by Mstv

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