Language arts

1. If your teacher raves about you to your parents, this means she
thinks you are misbehaving.
thinks you are a good student.
thinks you might be sick.

2. Read the following excerpt from "Dandelion Wine," then answer question

2."The magic might die by the first of September, but now in late June there was still plenty of magic, and shoes like these could jump over trees and rivers and houses. And if you wanted, they could jump over fences and sidewalks and dogs."

What effect does the hyperbole in this excerpt have on the reader?

(1 point)
It helps people understand the attachment the boy feels to the shoes.
It helps the reader realize that everyone has a little magic in them.
It provides the reader with information about why summer is better than spring.

3. What do you think is Bradbury’s purpose in contrasting Douglas’s real conversation with his father and the thoughts that are going on in Douglas’s mind? (1 point)
It shows that Douglas has a vivid imagination but also shows the limitations he has with communication.
It shows that Douglas is able to argue effectively to get what he wants from his parents.
It shows that Douglas tries to escape into his imagination when he feels uncomfortable.

4. Which pronoun correctly completes the sentence?

I am not sure who is following us, but it might be ____. (1 point)

My answers
1.misbehaving or good student
2.A. his attachment to the shoes
3.A OR C
4 A him

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asked by Mstv
  1. 1.misbehaving or good student -- Which?

    2.A. his attachment to the shoes -- Right

    3.A OR C -- - I don't know.

    4 A him - Wrong

  2. Well for 1 I was confused because if you look at the definition of rave it says to talk enthusiastically about someone that good mean the teacher is talking enthusiastically in a good way or it could mean she is talking enthusiastically as in angry

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    posted by Mstv
  3. Im guessing 4 is She then because their would not make any sense

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    posted by Mstv
  4. 1. I think she's praising the good student.

    4, Yes, it's she. It's a predicate nominative following the linking verb, might be.

  5. Thank You Very Much Ms. Sue You're Awesome!

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    posted by Mstv
  6. You're very welcome, MSTV.

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