What are the 5 themes of geography for los angeles, california?

**do you have any sites to suggest to find the 5 themes of geography**

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asked by thalia
  1. Just some suggestions

    1. Location

    maybe in Southern California on the west coast of USA.

    2. Place
    What defines this place? Hollywood? Freeways?

    3. Human interaction with environment
    You have to mention smog and the use of cars and air conditioning. You have to point out that the harbor geography makes possible one of the world's largest seaports

    4. Movement
    Although the important stuff moves in and out of LA by ship. The people try to get around by car. Describe freeways, airport and seaport.

    5. Region
    Say what is unique about southern California.


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    posted by Damon
  2. thank you for this :) it helped me a lot!

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    posted by thalia
  3. You're welcome.

  4. Like what is the answer to all of the 5 themes of geography?

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    posted by Brianny
  5. why did you say southern California am confused am only 11

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  6. what is the political for california

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    posted by Mrs. S

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