When magnesium hydrogen carbonate reacts with sulfuric acid, would you consider that an exothermic reaction because it forms CO2 (gas)?

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asked by Derek
  1. It IS an exothermic reaction but I don't know that the release of CO2 is the reason. The entropy is +.

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  2. Just out of curiosity, how would you figure out the delta g if you didn't know the delta h? I don't think it is possible, is it? And also, can you explain how you knew it was exothermic?

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    posted by Derek
  3. I know it is exothermic because I've been there and done that and I know it gets hot.
    You can look up delta G of products and reactants in tables and calculate delta Grxn BUT those values are based on knowing both delta H and delta S so I don't think that is a legitimate answer.
    The only other two ways I know are (a) to know or measure the equilibrium constant, then use dG = -RTlnK or (b) know, calculate, or measure the Eo value for the reaction, then use
    dG = -nFEo. Of course these should count only as ONE way because K values often are determined by using Eo values.

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