A 69.5kg football player is gliding across very smooth ice at 2.15m/s . He throws a 0.470kg football straight forward.

A) What is the player's speed afterward if the ball is thrown at 16.0m/s relative to the ground?

B) What is the player's speed afterward if the ball is thrown at 16.0m/s relative to the player?

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  1. Solve using momentum
    u=initial speed
    v=final speed
    m1,m2 masses

    Using the ground as reference,
    m1=69.5 kg
    m2=0.470 kg
    u1=u2=2.15 m/s
    v2=16 m/s
    Solve for v1 to get
    v1=2.056 m/s approx.

    Solve similarly to get 2.042 m/s approx.

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