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"the inside of a carton is measured and is found to be width of 40cm, length 60cm and depth 30 cm. it is to be packed 2 layers deep with cylindrical tins that have a radius of 5cm and height of 15cm (outside measurements)."

a) show that 48 tins can be packed into the carton

b) what is the volume of empty space in a fully packed carton?

thanks heaps :)

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  1. (a) two layers means 24 cans per layer.
    The cans are 10 cm across, so the 46x60 dimensions of the box allow for that many cans. The height of the box will accommodate the two layers.

    (b) You know the way to compute the volume of the box.
    Now, just subtract 48 times the volume of a can from that amount.

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    posted by Steve

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