biology honors

i am doing a research paper on cancer.

what are some specific issues related to the topic

and develop a specific research question from your selected contemporary issue. ( i put "the good and bad of cancer"

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  1. the "good" of cancer??????

  2. yes i know that mostly cancer is bad
    but some say that not all bad cancer is bad. that you need a small amount in your body

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  3. What is the source of information that you need a small amount of cancer in your body?

  4. i don't remember. i read it somewhere but it was years ago.

    ok maybe that's not the best topic

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  5. ok if i do animal rights

    for my research question can it be

    animals used as experiment

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  6. Yes, animal rights is a better topic for you.

    Your thesis statement should be your opinion of animals used in experiments.

    Study this site, and then write your thesis statement based on this site's recommendations.

  7. for a research paper you need a thesis?

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  8. ok so im doing animal rights

    i need the research question: which is "animals used as expirements right?"

    and then i need a genreal overview of my paper

    well im not sure yet but i know thta i need to know first of all what it is. how you can prevent it, etc.

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  9. First, write a thesis statement.


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