PLzz anyone know these
1. What approach to development did the Brundtland Commission propose? (1 point)
a. high density development
b. sustainable development
c. slow growth development
d. high impact development

2. A person who adapts an anthropocentric view (1 point)
a. Views environmental growth as economic and material growth.
b. is concerned with maintaining biodiversity
c. Is concerned more with the survival of plant and animal life.
d. Is concerned more with how the environment impacts people's lives.

3. Which of the following is not an example of a sustainable development project? (1 point)
a. using renewable energy resources
b. planting new trees for future harvest
c. giving money to community-based groups that sell products made from renewable natural resources
d. financing projects to clear rainforest land for cattle grazing

4. Which is not an example of a goal that many countries agreed to have accomplished by 2015? (1 point)
a. Provide global funding to hire highly qualified educators to teach abroad.
b. Donate millions of dollars to purchase affordable HIV medicines in high poverty areas globally
c. Send and distribute large quantities of food to Somalia and Ethiopia
d. Issue reparations to all countries that suffered high amounts of casualties from past

5. What is the objective of the Dashboard of Sustainability? (1 point)
a. to direct the UN MDGs to success by 2015
b. to assist citizens in ascertaining their individual “green footprint”
c. to illustrate the complex relationships among economic, social, and environmental issues
d. to guide Agenda21NOW! participants through the 24-hour conference

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asked by Avia
  1. Avia/Sam -- I'll be glad to check your answers.

  2. 1. b

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    posted by Avia
  3. 1. b - Yes
    2.c - No
    3.d - Yes
    4.D - I'm not sure -- but I think this is wrong.
    5.c??????????????? I think you're right.

  4. is 2 B? what do you think is 4??

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    posted by Avia
  5. can you help me with 4 more ?
    6. Which country's action would be in violation of section II of the Agenda 21 plan? (1 point)
    a. The Brazilian government mandates the clearing of 200 acres in order to generate revenue from exported lumber.
    b. China's government outlines tougher penalties for those factories that illegally dump waste into nearby water.
    c. The United States raises vehicle emission standards and mandates more frequent emission testing for vehicles manufactured before 1985.
    d. The Canadian government budgets 40 million dollars to eliminate contaminants from Lake Superior, Lake Huron, and Lake Ontario.

    7. The adoption of the Agenda 21 comprehensive plan (1 point)
    a. only lasted weeks due to steadily deteriorating environmental conditions.
    b. targets only those few countries with extreme environmental problems.
    c. outlines local, national, and global efforts that would help improve the environment.
    d. was a quick process that relied heavily on input from a select few countries.

    8. Which person would most likely not be impacted by the Agenda 21 plan? (1 point)
    a. CEO of a major waste processing firm
    b. Farmer
    c. owner of a lumber company
    d. scientist from NASA

    9. Which of the following topics would not relate to sustainable living? (1 point)
    a. Composting
    b. transportation alternatives
    c. single-use containers
    d. water conservation

    Btw thanks ^__^

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    posted by Avia
  6. 2 is not B.

    I'll be glad to check your answers for the others.

  7. 6-a
    8-d or b

    is 2D 4 A???

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    posted by Avia
  8. 8 - d

    The other three are right.

    2 d is right.

    I think 4A is right.

  9. Thanks !(:

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    posted by Avia
  10. You're welcome.

  11. 1. B
    2. D
    3. D
    4. D
    5. C
    6. A
    7. C
    8. D
    9. C

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    posted by Cam
  12. Cam is correct!

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    posted by Mel
  13. thanks cam u da man! 100% :)

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    posted by Ty
  14. Cam is right!!!

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    posted by Sammy
  15. Sammy is right omg wait cam is

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  16. Thank you Cam 100%

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  17. Tysn cam!!!

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  18. cam is camrect

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  19. cam is 100% correct. I just took a test, and I got all of the same answers he just gave us. thx cam.

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    posted by yogirl
  20. cam is still right 100%

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    posted by hazel
  21. CAM 100%

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    posted by ANGEL
  22. 4 is D 9 is C

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  23. cam is not correct the real answers are
    you guys shouldnt be cheatting hoes

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    posted by 14 andth
  24. cam is correct!!!

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  25. Cam is correct and to clarify for people who may not know, these are the answers to U8 L4 Geo Connections.

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