Child Development

Rachel is a highechool student who has explored several employment and education alternatives. She has chosen to attend the community college near home to become a diesel mechanic. What is the identity status of Rachel according to James Marcia?
A. Identity diffusion
B. Identity Foreclosure
C. Identity moratorium
D. Identity Acheivement

I think it's C or D.

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  1. They are quite different. Check out this article. It will help you make a choice between C and D.

  2. Then it's D because identity moratorium is like if is is not so sure of what she wants to do and identity achievement is when she is sure about what she is going to do. She has already explored other employment and alternatives and made a decision.
    So it's D

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    posted by Jessica
  3. Right.

  4. Thank You.

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    posted by Jessica
  5. You're welcome.

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