What are character trait for Moon Shadow from Dragonwings but written in an acrosric poem way?

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asked by Riana
  1. Think of character traits that start with each letter:


    Hard worker

    Laundry worker

  2. Thanks. Do I have to put Lee also? Because when I am talking with my teacher about him, she just says Moon Shadow?

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    posted by Riana
  3. Then I'd leave the LEE off, yes.

  4. Thanks. I really don't understand though. Because I need to write words for the letters that spell out Moon Shadow and then right evidence from the story. Please help! I would be really grateful and she told us to use interenet support to find all words.

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    posted by Riana
  5. Please?

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    posted by Riana
  6. Hi again! Whhat do you think of this?
    M- mature
    O- obedient
    O- obnoxious
    N- nervous
    S- sarcastic
    H- hateful
    A- active
    D- daring
    O- observant
    W- warm-hearted

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    posted by Riana
  7. Please answer!

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    posted by Riana
  8. Wow ... that character had all those traits? Don't you think some of them are contradictory??

  9. Thank You so much Riana i think they are all good

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    posted by Kitty
  10. Can someone help me know what his traits are in the book?

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