I need help on my math question. can someone please explain the process?

You have $5 for lunch. You bought a turkey sandwich for $2.25. Write and solve an inequality to show how much more you can spend.

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  1. 5 - 2.25 ≥ 2.75

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    posted by PsyDAG
  2. okay, I'm not sure how you were taught to do this, but this is how I would.
    1st: subtract 2.25 from 5 to get 2.75.
    2nd: write the inequality. So, because you have $2.75 left you can get anything that is less than or equal to $2.75.

    Hope this helps!

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    posted by turnip
  3. thanks this helps a lot!!

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  4. Would the inequality be 2.75 <_ 5 or no? I'm sorry, I'm not good with inequalities

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  5. No it would be 5- 2.25 > 2.75 (make sure there is a line under the greater sign) And thanks for the help turnip!!!

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  6. Dunno if this is helpful now nut here I go:
    A. x=5-2.25
    x being representing the amount of money you have left

    B. X=5-2.25

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