Hamlet Check

Please check my answers
1. Claudius is going to write a letter to ________, to try and create peace:
a. young Fortinbras
b. King of France
c. King of Denmark
d. the bed-ridden Fortinbras
My answer is D.
2. Hamlet waited between ______(time) for the ghost to appear:
I assume its 11:00pm and 12:00am
3. Laertes warns Ophelia to beware of Hamlet's:
a. jealousy
b. wild guises
c. true intentions
d devotion
My answer is A
4. Polonius tells Laertes not to borrow or lend because:
a. he could lose friends
b. its not a noble act
c. people are not to be trusted
d. only peasants engage in this activity
My answer is A

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