Triangle ABC below is reflected across the y-axis and then translated 1 unit right and 2 units down.
A)Write the coordinated of the vertices of the image after reflection.
B)Write a rule for the translation. Use arrow rotation.
The original coordinates A=(1,-3) B=(4,-5) C=(3,-1)
My answer: New coordinates A=1+1=2, -3-2=-5 Coordinates (2,-5)
B=4+1=5,-5-2=-7 Coordinates (5,-7)
C=3+1=4,-1-2=-3 Coordinates (4,-3)
So the reflection coordinates of the vertices are A (2,-5), B (5,-7), c (4,-3). That's all of part a) I don't know how to do part b).

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  1. a reflection across the y-axis causes the x value to become opposite, while the y stays the same

    using your wording:

    (x,y) ----> (-x + 1, y - 2)

    A(1 , -3) ----> A' (0, -5)
    B(4 , -5) ----> B' (-3 , -7)
    C(3 , -1) ----> C' (-2 , -3)

    You should really have made a sketch to verify.
    It would have shown your new points to be incorrect.

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  2. has vertices at S(1, 1), T(2, -3) and U(4, 0)

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  3. @Anonymous... what in the world you trying to say and @Reiny where you going with that? Its Connexus Math B Unit 4 Lesson 8 so yea. Guys come on if you are trying to be useful just turn off your computers and back away slowly because just wow you guys. I am not being rude but nean- raven from teen titans go.

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  4. What are you doing to help Starfire? I don't see you trying to figure it out. This is a sight to reflect on the answers you have chosen. I bet you just pissed because you have been looking around for 30 minutes and haven't found any answers. Before you come on this site, at least try to answer the question.

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  5. nub

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