Which rates are equivalent?

A. 36 us dollars/48 canadian dollars= 54 us dollars/72 canadian dollars

B. 18 us dol./24 can. dol.= 45 usdol./48 can. dol.

C. 18 us dol/24 can dol.= 54 us dol/60 can dol.

D. 48 us dol./64 Can Dol= 72 US dol./128 can dol.

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  1. In all of the first expressions, 3 U.S. dollars = 4 Canadian dollars. Or, put another way -- 3/4 (75%) of a U.S. $ = 1 Can. $.

    Let's take 3/4 of the Canadian dollars in your problem.
    A. 3/4 of 72 = 54
    B. 3/4 of 48 = 36
    C. 3/4 of 60 = 45
    D. 3/4 of 128 = 96

    Do you see the correct answer above?

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    Ms. Sue

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