SCI 275

Resource: Chapter 18

Select one case study or an example, from Chapter 18 that describes the impacts of a toxic substance on human health.

Answer the following questions based on the risk assessment principles presented in Ch. 18, and in Figure 18-10 in section 18.7 Risk and Risk Assessment.

Write a 200 – 300 word paper using two reputable sources and your textbook to develop your answers.
• Describe one case study presented in Chapter 18. Explain how the toxic chemical(s) from your selected case study affects human health.
• State the major source of this chemical(s) and its uses.
• Review Figure 18-10 and discuss whether you think the risks of this chemical are acceptable. Explain your answer using two factors for determining acceptable risk that are presented in Figure 18-10. Use cited evidence to support your position?
• Describe one limitation in risk assessment. Explain how you would resolve this limitation to improve the effectiveness of risk assessments.
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Here is what I have done so far, I am not wanting anyone to do this for me but I don't know if I am going in the right direction to answer the instructors assignment questions. Please read this and let me know if I am doing it correct or not??

1Describe one case study presented in Chapter 18 and explain how the toxic chemicals from your selected case study affects human health.
The most useful metal in all industrial societies would be lead. “Recently, scientists have begun to learn about the effects of low-level exposure, especially on the central nervous system” (Chiras, 2013)
2State the major source of this chemical and its use.
Lead can be found in many different things such as “ceramic glazes, batteries, fishing sinkers, solder, and old pipes” (Chiras, 2013). There was a time when lead was used with gasoline to help the reduction of engine knocking in most vehicles back in the day (Chiras, 2013). “Lead is also a highly toxic poison, entering the body primarily through inhalation and ingestion” (Chiras, 2013). It can affect many different things in the human body such as organs, bone, brain, and kidneys (Chiras, 2013). “Lead is found in our food, water, air, and soils” (Chiras, 2013). “For most Americans, food is the number one source of lead exposure” (Chiras, 2013). “Lead emitted by power plants, smelters, and boilers that burn use motor oil is frequently deposited in the soil, where it is taken up by crops” (Chiras, 2013).
Even though food is the main source of lead, most of the concern with lead exposure can be focused on how vehicles exhaust fumes are put into the air that people inhale (Chiras, 2013). “In 1986, a major study by the EPA revealed that lead levels in drinking water in many cities exceeded federal standards, potentially threatening the health of millions of Americans” (Chiras, 2013). In older homes there are lead-based solder and lead pipes which is where the drinking waters comes into the house (Chiras, 2013).

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