Algebra II

can you help answer this question please; four algebra formulas for Amadeus traveled 760 miles in twice the time it took his nemesis Salieri to travel 220 miles. if Amadeus"s rate exceeded Salieri's by 40 miles per hour, what were the rate and time for each man?

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asked by Matt
  1. Two equations:

    1.) Amadeus


    2.) Salieri


    Let R1=R2+40


    Let T1=2*T2

    Substitute into equations and solve:


    Solving for T2:

    380 miles/(R2+40)=T2

    Plug into equation 2 and solve for R2:

    220 miles=R2*[380 miles/(R2+40)]

    220 miles*R2+8,800 miles=R2*380 miles

    160 miles*R2=8,800 miles

    R2=55 miles/hr

    Solve for other variables using the two equations or the T and R equations:


    R1=R2+40=55+40=95 miles/hr

    T2=220 miles/R2=R=220 miles/55=4 Hr

    T1=2*T2=2*(4)=8 Hr

    R2=55 miles/hr

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    posted by Devron

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