Can you check my answers?

Which of the following examples illustrates a type of control the government exercises over the banking industry

1: Setting the prices charged for purchasing checks and savings books.
2: Setting the requirements for banks leadership committee members.
3: creating laws that limit fees a credit card company can charge its customers.
4: Creating laws that limit the number of clients a bank can serve.

-A true market economy operates based on

1: regulation, supply, and demand
2: competition, supply, and demand
3: regulation and production quotas
4: competition and production quotas

Denise wants to buy a blue dress that cost $100. to pay for it she can either take money from her savings account, which earns 2 percent interest. Or use a credit card, which will charge 7 percent interest. what is the best reason to use the credit card?


Grant has avoided applying for credit cards or taking loans. He only uses his savings to pay for purchases. what is the most likely result of his choice?

1: he will not be able to buy a house or car
2: he will not have any debt to pay back
3: he will not be able to buy expensive things
4: he will not have any money for emergencies

"Price controls and minimum wage laws can help protect workers while allowing the market to function."
How do these controls contribute to a democratic society?

1: they force corporations to care about the buyers needs.
2: they make the corporations less focused on profits.
3: they protect the rights of individuals.
4: they give certain individuals more power than the others.

My answers:
For question 1: 3
for question 2: 1
For question 3: 4
For question 4: 2
For question 5: 3

Please help me ASAP!

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  1. My answers:
    For question 1: 3 Right
    for question 2: 1 Wrong
    For question 3: 4 Right
    For question 4: 2 Right
    For question 5: 3 Right

  2. So would question 2 be 2?

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  3. Yes. 2: 2

  4. Ok! Thanks! So Much!

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  5. You're welcome.

  6. I think the answer to #4 is A. Can you confirm?

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  7. The price of a good or service will increase because

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    posted by twila

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