Thank you very much.
I still have these sentences I'm doubtful about.
My doubt is whether I should use the present perfect or the simple past (considering that it is the end of the school year)
1) Exercises for literary text analyses aimed at developing lexicon have been prepared by the teacher, photocopied and handed out to students. 2) Furthermore, summary exercises have been carried out after reading simplified versions of the following books:
3) Listening exercises have been carried out with the aim of delving into the historic context of classic literature, but also to demonstrate correct reading (i.e. pronunciation) of literary texts featured in the books in question.
4) Excerpts from films based on the mentioned literary works have been also be shown. Right from the start of the second quarter, listening and lexical exercises using the BBC World web portal have been be done with the aim of discussing recent news.

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asked by Frank

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