67=(3-6x)/4.13 (note:its a fraction)
(please help)

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asked by carlos
  1. 67=(3-6x)/4.13
    67(4.13) = 4.13(3-6x)/4.13
    276.71 = 3-6x
    273.71 = -6x
    x = 273.71/-6
    x = -45.618

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    posted by Kuai
  2. Denominator = 4.13?

    67 = (3-6x)/4.13
    Cross multiply:
    3x-6 = 276.71
    3x = 276.71+6 = 282.71
    X = 94.24

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    posted by Henry
  3. Correction:
    Cross multiply:
    3-6x = 276.71
    -6x = 276.71-3 = 273.71
    X = -45.62

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    posted by Henry

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