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the temperature at 12 noon was 15 degree C above zero. if it decreases at the rate of 3 degree C per hour until midnight , at what time would the temperature be -3 degree C ? what would be the temperature at midnight

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asked by susan
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  2. -3° is 18° less than 15°
    At 3°/hr that will take 6 hours, and happen at 6 pm.

    midnight is 12 hours after noon, so the temperature then will be 15-3*12 = -21°C

    Note that since 6pm is halfway between noon and midnight, since the temperature dropped 18° by 6 pm, it will drop another 18° by midnight. -3-18 = -21°

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    posted by Steve
  3. the temperature of a place at 12 noon was 14celcius. if it decreased at the rate of 3celcuis per every hour ,what would be the temperature at 8 pm at night.

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    posted by shashi

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