can anyone help me with my introduction to the fallowing please: Many teachers leave the profession after their first year as an
educator. Examine programs that encourage individuals to stay in the profession of
teaching and lower the attrition rate.How does a mentoring program differ from an induction program?
o Are mentoring and induction programs equally effective?
o What kind of support is available for new teachers that participate in these types of
o As a paraprofessional, what will your role be in a mentoring and/or an induction
o Based on your research, what do these programs lack and what kinds of additional
features would improve these programs?

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  1. Before you write your introduction, you need to know what you're going to say in the body of the paper. An outline is usually useful to help you organize your paper.

    Then you need a thesis sentence. What do YOU think is the most effective methods for keeping new teachers and paraprofessionals?

    These sites will help you write an introduction and thesis.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. If you post your introduction, we'll be glad to comment on it and help you with it.

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    Ms. Sue

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