Please, how do I paraphrase the sentences below? Every time I try, I come up with the original text, please help!!!!!

There are many reasons for a school to adopt a dress code. A recent court opinion sets forth an illustrative list of such reasons offered by one school district: (1) to promote a more effective climate for learning, (2) to create opportunities for self-expression, (3) to increase campus safety and security, (4) to foster school unity and pride, (5) to eliminate "label competition," (6) to ensure modest dress, (7) to simplify dressing, and (8) to minimize cost to parents.(n1) While each of these reasons seems to have its believers and its naysayers, most parents and students who challenge a school dress code do so on the grounds that the code violates the student's right to free speech under the First Amendment.

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  1. Pick out two or three words from each point and jot them on note cards.

    reasons school dress code
    court opinion
    learning climate
    safety, security

    Put the cards aside for a while. Then come back to them and write each point in a complete sentence.

    This site has some useful tips for paraphrasing.


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    Ms. Sue
  2. Thanks

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