Global History

I need answers for "GLOBAL HISTORY REGENTS REVIEW" packet. Associated names are Mr. Moeller and Mrs. Sita. I can't find answers anywhere.

The packet can be found blank online here:

johnbowne DOT org/ourpages/auto/2011/1/31/49875088/Global_Regents_Review_Pack__blank_ DOT pdf

I need answers for about every page!
Answers in response or a .pdf or any other form of answers would be great!

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asked by Nick
  1. You've come to the wrong place to get test answers.

  2. Ms. Sue, It's not a test, it's a review packet that was assigned for homework.

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    posted by Nick
  3. Then use your memory and your text and your notes for your review. This packet won't help you if you cheat.

  4. Ms. Sue, this is a website dedicated to helping people cheat on their homework. I know my stuff, but this is too long to get finished in such a short time. I need an answer key.

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    posted by Nick
  5. No! You have your facts wrong!

    Jiskha does not intentionally help people cheat. We help students find answers and check their work.

  6. Yes! I have my facts right!

    Can you help me find answers then?

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    posted by Nick
  7. Sure. Post a few questions here, and I'll try to help you.

  8. I need answers to the questions in the link above.

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    posted by Nick
  9. I can't access the link. Sorry.

  10. Replace where it says " DOT " with a period "."

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    posted by Nick
  11. Is it one of these sites?

  12. No, it doesn't let me post links. Here. Remove the parenthesis from this link:


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    posted by Nick
  13. Please just post 4 or 5 questions.

  14. If you google "Mrs. Sita’s Global Review Packet" it should be the 1st link which is a .pdf. The first page asks about the Neolithic Revolution and Ancient Civilizations.

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    posted by Nick
  15. I think I found it.

    The questions and chart look pretty self-explanatory. Which part don't you understand?

    And no -- I am not going to do this packet for you.

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