PLEASE HELP!! Org. & Admin. of Sports & Recreation

The least valid qualification in hiring a coach is: (A)
A College superstar
B Thorough knowledge of rules and techniques
C Ability to teach
D Understanding of players
E Desirable personality

The interests of all athletes participating are best served if: (C)
A The present length of sport seasons is increased
B No distinction is made between awards for major and minor
C Teams from small schools are given an opportunity to
play against teams of greater ability from larger schools
D Schools show their appreciation by more generous
awards to athletes.
E Players are permitted to participate in championship play-offs

At the upper elementary school level, the recreational program: (B)
A Should be restricted to team sport activities
B Is generally on an intergraded or intra-graded basis
C Is not yet regarded as a desirable part of the total physical education
D Should be restricted to free play activities
A and C

Which of the following is least likely to be considered a duty of the athletic director? (A)
A Scheduling athletic contests
B Purchasing equipment
C Establishing athletic policies
D Arranging for officials
Budget preparation

The interscholastic or intercollegiate sport program in theory should be financed by: (A)
A Gate receipts
B Special projects
C Student Fees
D Donations
E Board of education or central college funds

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asked by Patti

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