It is said that healthy and happy workers are efficient and productive. A
company that manufactures exercising machines wanted to know the
percentage of large companies that provided on-site health club facilities.
A sample of 240 companies showed that 96 of them provide such
facilities on site.

A. What is the point estimate of the percentage of all such companies
that provide such facilities on site?

B. Construct a 97% confidence interval for the percentages of all such
companies that provide such facilities on site.

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  1. A) Point of estimate = phat = 96/240 = 0.4
    za/2 = (1-.97)/2 = 0.015
    z0.015 = 2.17
    Sdv = sqrt(p*q/n) = 0.0316

    0.4 -+ 2.17* 0.0316

    [0.3314, 0.4686] or 33.14% to 46.86%

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