1.hw many 3 digit nos are divisible by 7?
2.wat is d sum of product and quotient of 8 & 8?
3.if d average(arithmetic mean)of 25,31 and x is 3.value of x?

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  1. smallest 3 digit number divisible by 7 is 112
    largest 3 digit number divisible by 7 is 994

    look at the arithmetic sequence
    112, 119, .... 987 , 994
    how many terms are there?
    a=112, d = 7
    term(n ) = a+(n-1)d
    994= 112 + (n-1)(7)
    882 = 7n - 7
    889 = 7n
    n = 127

    2. really!?
    (I will assume "d" is supposed to be "the". We still use proper English on this site)

    3. (25+31+x)/3 = 3
    easy to solve for x , expect a negative value for x

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  2. How can 112 be the smallest? 112-99 > 7

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  3. Good catch Steve, the smallest 3-digit number divisible by 7 is 105
    So count one more, 128 of them

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